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Data solutions delivered through the Remine platform

Data Sciences

Our team of data scientists are available to help provide real estate and mortgage intelligence for your specific needs. Using our data or yours our team can provide both predictive and decision analytics.


Utilizing our experience with property and consumer data we created the Remine platform. Which can be used anywhere in any language. Inquire today to learn about how Remine can leverage your data to extract more revenue.

Custom 3rd Party Integrations

Need Remine analytics? We can provide predictive analytics to vendors via our API. Additionally, Remine is available as a front-end User Interface for partners who want a white label enterprise solution for their own needs.


The Remine platform has the ability to visualize both structured and non-structured data with the key anchor being the physical property. Customer data, transactional data or any other type is conflated into our system along with appending and cleansing by our data scientists. It does not matter if you are a bank in Japan, a REIT in Canada, or anywhere else as Remine can provide a solution that combines visualizations and predictive analytics in a format that meets your goals.

Data Sciences

Our team of data scientists are available to help provide bespoke intelligence for your specific needs. From complex data modeling to machine learning, Remine can provide the experienced team to unlock insights and revenue from your data.


Outside of our application Remine intelligence is available to third-parties. If you are looking for lead scoring or other consumer and property centric applications, contact us today for an overview of our API.

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