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Nationwide Predictive Property Intelligence

Let us show you the evolution of mortgage solutions on the Remine platform. With the power of our property and consumer data Remine can provide insight like no other when it comes to market opportunities. Other companies advertise a list of leads, Remine creates custom predictive algorithms matched to the client’s specific needs in a cost-effective manner.


Welcome to the next generation of origination prospecting. On the Remine platform we are able to process data from the client in a secure environment to establish a custom algorithm to identify the best opportunities for non-bank or bank originators. We find the ideal client you want to do business with.The results are then fed to our custom dialing technology to dial numbers on command, provide call scripts, allow for follow up actions and refer out information to the loan origination software of choice.

With availability on direct mail as well Remine can show you the maximum effect possible.

MSR Portfolio Defense

The Remine dataset can be successfully applied to review portfolios of Mortgage Servicing Rights to mitigate run off from refinances. In combination, additional services can be provided to maximize new origination and real estate transaction opportunities on the current book.


We can empower banks/servicers to monitor properties nationwide for information recorded at the courthouse along with other ownership attributes. This will allow banks and other entities to ensure their collateral is not put at risk.

Origination and servicing Fintech built by industry insiders.

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